Auto updating calendar in excel

Hi probably a much more simpler problem than I conceive it to be, but here goes...year, I make a calendar showing all workdays.

Certain events happen on certain days (eg: 1st Mon of each month; 1st & 3rd Wed of each month; 2nd & 4th Fri of each month etc..attachment).

The cycle is the same each year, but the actual dates differ from one year to the next...presently, I re-do the calendar by entering Jan 1, 200?

Well, something like below: Just enter event data in a table like below: If your events span several months, then you can use formulas to generate calendar.In my case, all the events (Masterclass sessions) are in May & June 2013.So I just entered date of May 1st in a cell, dragged it sideways and then re-arranged the cells to make it look like a calendar.Perpetual Calendar, it will display the Perpetual Calendar dialog box. Select the month you want to create the calendar through the From and To drop-down list. Click Create the monthly calendar is created in a new workbook, See screenshot:4. Click Create, the yearly calendar is created in a new workbook. I want to create a monthly calendar (1 month per sheet) where only the year could change (and so the date). All I want is to add a formula that change the date according to the weekday when I change the year. A copy or screenshot of your template would be useful.) instead of just filling down the workdays and workdates......


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